The Killigrew Partnership


Aims of the Killigrew Partnership

Welcome to The Killigrew Partnership, a federation of King Charles and St Francis Church of England primary schools, both situated in the beautiful coastal town of Falmouth. King Charles and St Francis are two completely separate schools, unique and individual, who benefit from the many advantages that working in partnership brings.

The Killigrew Partnership is led by Mrs Claire Fortey, our Executive Headteacher and the federated governing body, made up of experienced governors from both schools. Each school is supported by an extensive senior leadership team and a highly successful staff team; at the most recent Ofsted Inspection each school was judged as “Outstanding” for Leadership and Management.

Our partnership’s aims are

  • To work together for the benefit of our children across the whole of our thriving community, firmly rooted in Christian values
  • To develop and nurture friendships through exciting planned teamwork activities and projects
  • To further improve and develop our already high standards in educational provision through sharing expertise
  • To support pupils, parents, staff and governors across both schools in the pursuit of excellence
  • To increase opportunities for learning together

At the Federation of King Charles and St Francis Primary Schools we are committed to ensuring that every pupil leaves our school with high aspirations, an enduring enthusiasm for learning and the confidence to address the world on their own terms.

From Reception through to Year 6 we create opportunities for children to meet, bond and learn together across both schools; from Reception pen pals to Year 6 running a town-centre coffee shop together.

Having had extensive opportunities to mix together, get to know each other and work in different situations across both schools, the federation offers our youngsters the added advantage of being better equipped and better prepared for the next stage of their educational journey in to secondary school.

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